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E-BEAM Services adds a second accelerator in Cranbury, New Jersey

Cranbury, New Jersey – January 2018 E-BEAM Services, Inc. has announced a major addition to its electron beam sterilization capacity with a second high-powered electron beam accelerator in Cranbury, New Jersey. This accelerator is specially designed to serve the rapidly growing demand for electron beam sterilization in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. This addition […]

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Dear Karen: E-beam vs Gamma Sterilization Dose

Dear Karen, I have qualified my product for sterilization at a gamma facility, but am interested in transitioning to electron beam. I already know what dose my product needs for gamma sterilization. Is this dose going to be the same for e-beam sterilization? Sincerely, Max Dose (Name changed for privacy. And because I’m a sucker […]

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Capacity vs Agility

Last summer, my neighbor loaded up his RV for a two-week long family vacation. They were going out West to see the great national parks. I couldn’t help but think, though, that I would rather have my other neighbor’s speedy roadster when driving through the twisting mountain passes. It seems you give up agility and […]

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Capacity in two flavors

I have been asked a number of times how much available capacity we have. Here’s my usual answer: I have yet to see a customer’s capacity need that we couldn’t handle! Part of that ability is due to E-BEAM’s commitment to stay ahead of the demand curve by adding capacity (by upgrading our current facilities, […]

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How Does the Electron Beam Sterilization Process Work?

  The electron beam sterilization process begins with an electron beam accelerator. E-BEAM Services uses high power state of the art accelerators to create a powerful beam of electrons. The beam is scanned back and forth to create a curtain of fast electrons, which shower and safely ionize the materials that they strike. There is […]

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The Story of E-BEAM Services: Sterilization

We are E-BEAM Services, we are committed to the power of electrons, and we are electron sterilization. In the video below, you will discover how E-BEAM Services has revolutionized the sterilization market with the power of electrons.     Transcript The story of E-BEAM Services is the story of commitment. Commitment to the power of […]

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Cold Sterilization is an E-BEAM Specialty

Sometimes customers have a special sterilization challenge–and e-beam sterilization provides the solution. For example, I recently worked with a customer whose product needs to stay refrigerated, but not frozen. The product degrades over time, and degrades even faster at higher temperatures. However, it is destroyed if it goes below freezing. E-BEAM cold sterilization with refrigeration […]

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What is cold sterilization?

Cold sterilization may be essential for certain: pharmaceutical products medical devices tissue samples biologics For products that contain heat-sensitive ingredients and yet require sterilization or bio-reduction treatments, cold sterilization provides protection via low temperature molecular stabilization.

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Do I have to build a certain pallet load for the e-beam process?

The quick answer is NO!Unlike other sterilization methods, such as EtO and gamma, the e-beam process unloads pallets and places cases of product onto conveyer carts in a single layer.

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What kind of delivery or turnaround can I expect from E-BEAM Services?

  What you can expect from E-BEAM Services is better than 98% on time delivery. This is measured against our commitments to our customers, tracked and documented each month with a rolling twelve month tabulation.

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