E-BEAM Tech Services Duo to Attend MD&M West

E-BEAM Services does Anaheim, CAThe E-BEAM Technical Services dynamic duo of Olivia Radcliffe and Dr. Gustavo Varca are hitting the road to answer any and all questions related to e-beam sterilization. This pair of experts will be at the Medical Device and Manufacturing (MD&M) West Show from April 12-14 in sunny Anaheim California.

This year, the show is projected to have over 1,400 exhibits and 13,000 attendees (gotta make sure we stock up on our booth candy…). We’re also a bit of a stickler for efficiency, so we’re grateful to show organizers for their forward-thinking that combined the MD&M with four additional shows. From helping to increase the mechanical properties of polymers to providing terminal sterilization to finished medical devices, the power of electrons can be seen at work throughout the entire medical device industry.

In today’s world of supply chain disruptions, e-beam provides quick-turn terminal sterilization with simple, clean, on/off technology. There is no carcinogenic gas needed and there are no residuals, so the product is able to be immediately released for distribution (refreshing, right?). The process involves accelerating a beam of electrons to near light speed (yes we get to work with technology at 99% the speed of light) where it passes through a scan chamber and then transitions into a curtain of electrons. The materials move through the accelerator chamber on a conveyor system and are showered with these high-energy electrons, which penetrate the material with a precise, predetermined dose and are sterilized. Pretty simple right?

Olivia and Gustavo will be answering all the questions and we may even see a Facebook live event at the show. Come visit them at booth #2889!

(Note: booth candy is first come first serve.)

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E-BEAM Services to Participate in Plastics Technology Expo 2022



Our team of electron experts is excited to be heading to the Plastics Technology Expo (or PTXPO, as the cool kids say) March 29-31. As polymer product development and modification collaborators, this new tradeshow connecting the entire North American plastics market under one roof is definitely in our wheelhouse.

It has been a long time since we have been able to exhibit at a full-scale industry event of this size. Since polymer modification is our jam you can imagine how geeked up we are for a comprehensive plastics tradeshow. At E-BEAM Services, we modify polymers and other materials using electron beam technology (hence our name…) to help clients make great products that our world wants and needs. Read More »

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Q&A with Tech Services | E-beam Bioreduction and Food Processing


Join the E-BEAM Tech Services duo of Olivia Radcliffe and Dr. Gustavo Varca as they discuss e-beam bioreduction and food processing.


(TL;DR: E-beam technology can be used to sterilize or bioreduce food products such as beef and fresh produce. At E-BEAM Services, we don’t process fresh foods, but we do process some food products such as spices. Bioreduction essentially delivers a sterilization-level dose for product that does not need to be labeled as “sterile.” E-beam bioreduction is a good fit for food products because it offers fast turnaround time and a quick dose rate so as to minimize degradation to important qualities such as taste and smell.)


Olivia: Alright! Hey everyone, I’m Olivia Radcliffe. I’m the Marketing and Technical Services Specialist here at E-BEAM Services. That is Nola sleeping behind me. She will snore. We’ll see how much it gets picked up on the mic. Hopefully, Gustavo won’t be snoring. So I’ll let you can give your spiel about who you are, what you do for E-BEAM.  Read More »

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Q&A with Tech Services | Sterilization of Specialty Products


Join the E-BEAM Tech Services duo of Olivia Radcliffe and Dr. Gustavo Varca as they explore some of your FAQs about sterilizing specialty products.


(TL;DR: Beyond processing truckload quantities, e-beam technology is a good fit for specialty products that have small lots and vary from shipment to shipment, like 3D printed products and parts for bone replacements. E-beam is a good fit for 3 main reasons: 1. E-beam has the capability to deliver a very precise dose, 2. E-BEAM Services has temperature control systems in place that can be used for sensitive products, 3. E-BEAM has fast turnaround time options, which can be utilized in quick-turn scenarios, such as personalized products for surgeries, etc.)


Olivia: Alright! Hey everybody, I’m Olivia Radcliffe and I am here with Dr. Gustavo Varca. Gustavo, let you go ahead and introduce yourself a little bit here.

Gustavo: Hello everyone. Good morning. Good afternoon. Depends on where you are. I am Dr. Varca also known as Dr. V and I’m going to be speaking with you guys a little bit about radiation technologies.

And today I think we have a couple of questions again, that people send to us and I’ll be more than happy to answer them. Read More »

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Q&A With Tech Services – Crosslinking, Sterilization, Speciality Processing


Join the E-BEAM Tech Services duo of Olivia Radcliffe and Dr. Gustavo Varca as they explore some of your FAQs.


Olivia: All right. Hey everyone. I’m Olivia Radcliffe. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m the Marketing and Technical Services specialist at E-BEAM. So chances are, you’ve talked to me at some point or another in your product development journey. And I am here with my colleague from our New Jersey facility, Dr. Gustavo Varca, and we just kind of jumped on to answer some questions we’ve been getting a lot lately, make sure that everyone has the right information out there.

So, Gustavo, I will let you go ahead and tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do at E-BEAM.

Gustavo: Thank you, Olivia. Hello everyone. I am Dr. Varca. I am the New Applications Development Manager at E-BEAM Services, and I am a specialist in radiation technologies.

So I’m here to try to elucidate a little bit. And answer a couple of questions you guys may have had while looking for electron beam options for your product.

Olivia: So let me pull up some of the questions we got here. All right. So Gustavo, if it’s okay with you, I’m just going to read out some of the questions and let you answer rapid-fire. We’ll just go for it.

Gustavo: Fine by me. Read More »

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Live Foam Expo Trade Show? E-BEAM Crosslinking Experts Will Travel!

E-BEAM Services Foam Expo

E-BEAM Services is attending our first live trade show since early 2020! As trade shows, conferences, and in-person meetings are all returning we are so excited to connect with our peers and customers again at the Foam Expo North America. While we have worked creatively and learned all the virtual things – we appreciate the in-person gatherings.
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E-BEAM is Recognized as Top Workforce Partner in Excellence 2020-2021

E-BEAM Services company

We are thrilled to announce that in June, E-BEAM Services was awarded the Workforce Partner Excellence Award in recognition of outstanding collaboration.
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What special packaging materials do I need for e-beam sterilization?

e-beam sterilization packaging


One question we get often is, “What special packaging materials do I need for e-beam sterilization?”

The short answer: None!

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COVID-19: Understanding how medium-voltage electron beam can be an alternative sterilization method


In these unprecedented times, COVID-19 is affecting populations worldwide in several aspects and continuously challenging health care professionals and the medical device industry. The need for specific materials for testing or sanitizing purposes has skyrocketed, while manufacturing and sterilization capacity has not necessarily increased at the same pace.
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Gamma vs E-beam vs X-Ray: A Comparison

e-beam vs gamma vs x-ray

In the industrial sterilization industry, three primary sterilization methods are e-beam, gamma, and x-ray.

Ionizing radiation is the second-largest method of choice when it comes to the industrial sterilization market, accounting for almost 45%. While gamma and e-beam are the traditional favorites, newer to the game is x-ray.
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