Electron Beam Rheology Control

Does your PE or PP resin have the exact material properties you want?

If you’re manufacturing a specialty film, bottle, foam, or other plastic product, the standard off-the-shelf grades offered by the big resin manufacturers don’t always meet your needs.
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What are some different types of ionizing radiation?

different types of ionizing radiation


Radiation with wavelengths shorter than 10–10 m is considered ionizing radiation, because it can ionize the molecules it encounters. Gamma, x-ray, and e-beam are examples of ionizing radiation, whereas microwaves, radiowaves, and UV are considered nonionizing. Read More »

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How do I sterilize my labware?

how do I sterilize my labware


This might be a trick question. Depending on its end use, sometimes labware doesn’t need to be sterilized. It needs to be bioreduced.
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A Message to Our Valued Customers

message to customers

Dear valued customer,

In this unprecedented time, we wanted to reach out to you with a message. As the largest provider of medium-voltage electron beam (5 MeV) contract sterilization services on the globe, E-BEAM Services, Inc. reinforces its continuous efforts to provided uninterrupted services amid the COVID-19 outbreak and its related issues, particularly when it comes to assuring the safety of our team and the sterility levels of the materials processed in our facilities.
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What kinds of products can be easily converted to Medium-voltage Electron Beam Sterilization?

types of products beam

low to medium density productsOver the years Medium-Voltage electron beam (5 MeV) accelerators have been proven useful and effective for the sterilization of a great variety of products, including medical devices, single-use products, and labware at an industrial level worldwide.
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E-BEAM Services to Showcase Crosslinked Foam Capabilities at 4th Annual North American FOAM EXPO

foam expo 2020

Understanding how to enhance products utilizing green electron beam technology is the unique expertise of E-BEAM Services. E-BEAM Services is looking forward to bringing crosslinking expertise to the Foam Expo North America Conference in Novi, Michigan.
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What is the difference between crosslinking, branching, and chain scissioning?

In the latest Crash Course, the E-BEAM team talks about the difference between three different types of polymer modification: crosslinking, branching, and chain scissioning.

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Why do you perform a dose audit?

why do you perform a dose audit

Most of our sterilization customers have us and their microlab perform a dose audit (also known as a sublethal or dose verification) on their products on a quarterly basis. The purpose of this test, simplified, is to audit the minimum dose needed to achieve sterility and make sure it hasn’t increased due to any potential changes in the manufacturing process or materials used.
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Showcasing Green Sterilization Solutions to Assist Speed to Market of Medical Devices at MD&M West

MD&M West

As the medical device market faces unprecedented growth projections and demands, the E-BEAM Services experts join engineers and executives from around the globe at the MD&M West in February to explore innovations and partnerships. Considering the pace of the MedTech sector into this next decade, the MD&M show proves to be the place to understand advancements and the increasing demand for sterilization solutions like e-beam.
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A few notes of thanks…


As the year winds down and we look back at all that has happened in 2019, we find ourselves overwhelmed with gratitude! Here are a few things some of the E-BEAM folk are thankful for in particular.

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