Showcasing Green Sterilization Solutions to Assist Speed to Market of Medical Devices at MD&M West

As the medical device market faces unprecedented growth projections and demands, the E-BEAM Services experts join engineers and executives from around the globe at the MD&M West in February to explore innovations and partnerships. Considering the pace of the MedTech sector into this next decade, the MD&M show proves to be the place to understand advancements and the increasing demand for sterilization solutions like e-beam.

This year, E-BEAM experts were invited by show organizers to present a session on the Latest Advanced Processing Factors Affecting the Plastics Used in Medical Devices. Specifically, E-BEAM Services expert, Dr. Gustavo Varca, will be presenting on the features and benefits of utilizing electron beam technology to sterilize low to medium density products.

The talk, titled Medium Voltage Electron Beams for The Sterilization of Medical Devices – An Alternative for the Medical Device Industry, is timely for an industry facing substantial shortages in the coming years.

As a collaborative contract sterilization partner, E-BEAM Services sees attendance at this show (billed as Speeding Medical Devices to Market) as key to working with our clients and prospective clients for long term, cost-effective, quick processing solutions to meet today’s sterilization needs. E-BEAM Services provides the most cost-effective radiation sterilization for low to medium density medical devices – and packaging design can greatly reduce sterilization costs! We look forward to reconnecting with our existing customer base and making new friends at the MD&M West.

We always welcome the chance to further discuss how e-beam sterilization can help you EXCEED with your business, compliance, and profitability goals. Send us an email at and let us know if you will be there too!

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A few notes of thanks…


As the year winds down and we look back at all that has happened in 2019, we find ourselves overwhelmed with gratitude! Here are a few things some of the E-BEAM folk are thankful for in particular.

I’m thankful for the wonderful E-BEAM family that I have had the pleasure to work with the past 20 years!



– Elaine Threm


I’m thankful for:

1. The variety of cool and innovative people and products I get to work with.

2. For the University of Cincinnati and Sacred Heart Church, where I first met my wife and have grown spiritually through the sacraments with her and my children.

3. The opportunity to commute on bike and for the bike park Lebanon put in super close to home.

4. Peanut m&ms.



– Dan Yasenchak


I’m so grateful for whoever invented giant, full-body pregnancy pillows! And milk chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream. But, seriously, I feel incredibly blessed. I’m beyond thankful for my friends and family, and for each day that brings us closer to meeting our new little one!


– Olivia Radcliffe



I’m thankful for my friends and family.



– Daniel Patterson



There is SO much to be thankful for, every day.  I’m grateful for my job here, for the opportunities of creativity and expression I get with the Crash Course videos, and for my family – especially my new son (in-law).



-Alissa Ashworth


This has been one of the best years of my life… My beloved daughter was born, I moved to the US, started working at E-BEAM, won as many awards (in science) this year as I have won my entire career almost…

God is being very kind to me and my family. Not that we are not working hard for the achievements!



 – Gustavo Varca


I am grateful to work for a small company with talented, passionate people that are like family to me.  It is rare that you work with people that truly become an integral part of your life.  I am blessed to have found E-BEAM.

– Kim Hill



So, what are YOU thankful for? Send us an email at and let us know! We’d love to hear from you.

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What is the difference between Bioreduction and Sterilization?


One of the questions we get often is: What is the difference between bioreduction and sterilization?

Check out the latest Crash Course above to find out!
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The Power of Electrons is in Minneapolis with E-BEAM Services 


MD&M Minneapolis 2019: E-Beam Services is getting ready for a trip to the Twin Cities next week!

The team will be talking about the wonderful world of electrons for clean, quick, consistent sterilization with attendees at the Medical Design and Manufacturing (MD&M) Minneapolis. Minneapolis is a hotspot for the newest advancements in medtech and this show never disappoints us with opportunity. 
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Crash Course Recap: What do I do if my packaging is too dense?


E-beam sterilization can be a good fit for a lot of different products, thanks to its fast dose rate and the fact that it doesn’t need a radioactive or carcinogenic source like some other sterilization options.

But deciding to use e-beam is only the first step. Sometimes, existing packaging configurations are too dense to be penetrated by e-beam. End of the e-beam road, right?
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MD&M East: The Big Apple Welcomes Electron Experts E-BEAM Services

MD&M East

It’s June, and that means E-BEAM Services will be in NYC next week, taking in a show, eating a hot dog or two in Central Park, and bringing the science of electron beam sterilization to the MD&M East trade show.

This show is always the place to be in the medical device world as the largest and longest-running medtech event on the East Coast. We love it not just because NYC is a great place, but because we also get to learn the latest in industry advancements, including first looks at innovations yet to hit the market and to explore new applications for e-beam sterilization. 
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How do I convert from ETO or Gamma to E-beam sterilization?

conversion to e-beam sterilization


Whether you’re looking for faster processing time or something more environmentally friendly, e-beam can be a great choice for terminal sterilization. However, the thought of going through the conversion process from an existing sterilization method can have those of you in quality hiding under your desks.

The bad news? Yeah. Not gonna lie. It’s a daunting task.

The good news? We’re here to walk you through it!

If you’re interested in converting and want to know more about how we can help you specifically, email us at to set up a free consultation call.

In the meantime, here is a quick rundown of the steps needed to convert from ETO or Gamma.
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Crash Course Recap: The Polymer Dating Game


Whether you need terminal sterilization or crosslinking, your product either consists of or is packaged in at least one polymer. How those polymers react to e-beam is extremely important. In the E-BEAM Crash Course: The Polymer Dating Game, we take a look at three common polymers, and how they react to e-beam.
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E-BEAM Services to Showcase Power of Electron Enhancement at NA FOAM EXPO

E-BEAM Crosslinked Foam

E-BEAM Services is sending their product enhancement expertise on the road this March for North America’s leading exhibition for the technical foam manufacturing supply chain: the Foam Expo North America Conference.   

We are proud to add value to the world of foam with our highspeed innovative process (and thank the organizers of Foam Expo for the opportunity to showcase the technology). Electron beam processing is used to create crosslinked foam.    
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Crash Course Recap: Sensitive Product Sterilization


With its high dose rate, we all know by now that e-beam is a great tool for sterilizing medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

(If you don’t know this yet, you should check out these videos!)

But what in the world do you do if you need to sterilize something that is heat or radiation sensitive?

Enter Dr. Gustavo Varca, worldwide radiation expert.

In this Crash Course, Dr. Varca walks us through 4 ways we can use e-beam technology to sterilize sensitive products, like human cell and tissue products and pharmaceuticals.
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