Capacity in two flavors

shutterstock_203701285I have been asked a number of times how much available capacity we have. Here’s my usual answer: I have yet to see a customer’s capacity need that we couldn’t handle! Part of that ability is due to E-BEAM’s commitment to stay ahead of the demand curve by adding capacity (by upgrading our current facilities, building a new accelerator, or even a new plant).

The other part is simply that our accelerators have a lot of capacity to start with. The power (kW) of an e-beam accelerator is really a measure of throughput – so our accelerators are 150 kW, while our competitors’ are often about 20 kW – meaning we have about eight times more capacity. That’s a big difference.

The other aspect of capacity has to do with the actual volume of an individual item we can fit into our beams.  Our conveyor system consists of trays that are up to 98 inches by 51 inches – large enough for a 4’x8′ piece of plywood. Not only that, depending on density, we can process items that are almost four feet high. And because E-BEAM has a “can-do” mentality, we have developed a specialized system that can process items as long as 20 feet!

If you think you have too much product or too large of an item, challenge us! We would love to hear about it.Karen with Signature III