Capacity vs Agility


Last summer, my neighbor loaded up his RV for a two-week long family vacation. They were going out West to see the great national parks. I couldn’t help but think, though, that I would rather have my other neighbor’s speedy roadster when driving through the twisting mountain passes. It seems you give up agility and flexibility when you drive something as large as an RV. However, hauling all the gear with a roadster would have certainly meant being broken down on the side of the road. As for what sits in my driveway, I compromised and bought a family sedan.

But with electron beam processing, you don’t have to compromise, and pick one or the other. At E-BEAM Services, we operate the highest power (throughput) accelerators in North America, with 7 times the capacity of the other e-beam service centers.

That means we are like the RV, right? Yes, we have an amazing amount of capacity. For sterilization, it can mean four-hour turnaround for a truckload of medical devices. For industrial applications, such as polymer modification or crosslinking, E-BEAM provides the same kind of high throughput and cost effectiveness.

But unlike the RV, electron beam is nimble, too. Unlike gamma processing (they’re the stodgy RV, dragging their load up the mountain pass), we can change from one custom processing configuration to the next in just a few minutes.

The beauty of e-beam is how capable it is in handling so many different applications. And the beauty of E-BEAM Services is that we have been able to combine the RV and roadster qualities into one, with great capacity and the agility to handle unique and customized products.

Maybe that’s why I’m thinking about buying myself a hot new SUV!