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Molded Parts Crosslinking by E-BEAM Services: The Infographic

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Wire and Cable Crosslinking by E-BEAM Services: The Infographic

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Controlled Substance Sterilization by E-BEAM Services: The Infographic


Sterilization by E-BEAM: The Infographic

Performance Enhancing Characteristics of Medical Device Sterilization

When sterilized with e-beam technology, medical devices can be improved to provide wear resistance, tensile strength, and thermal stability amongst other benefits. A unique synergistic treatment process available from E-BEAM Services, Inc. combines medical device sterilization with performance enhancing crosslinking. The electron beam irradiation process assures product sterility even as it creates value- added performance […]

Electron Beam Sterilization

Electron beam sterilization (e-beam) is a commercially proven technology for sterilizing a wide variety of disposable medical devices with a wide range of densities. The e-beam radiation inactivates microorganisms either by causing microbial death as a direct effect of the destruction of DNA molecules or by an indirect chemical reaction which results in microbial death. […]

Relative Radiation Stability of Medical Polymers

Physical properties of irradiated polymers are subject to variations due to: 1) Stress (residual and functional), 2) Section thickness, 3) Molecular weight distribution, 4) Morphology, 5) Moisture, 6) Environmental (oxygen temperature) and must be tested in the specific application under consideration Relative radiation, stability of medical polymers, courtesy of Ageless Processing Technology (APT), Del Mar, […]

About Electron Beams

What is e-beam technology? Introduction Electron beam processing is a technology with a broad range of commercial applications. It provides users with an effective and efficient means to bring about useful changes in the properties and performance of polymers and other materials. The technology is also widely used for the sterilization of medical devices, pharmaceuticals […]

Refrigerated/Frozen Sterilization

Cold sterilization enables low temperature molecular stabilization protection — for products that contain heat-sensitive ingredients and yet require sterilization or bio-reduction treatments. Examples: Pharmaceutical Products Medical Devices Tissue Samples Biologics The processing is fast! The electron beam sterilizes the packaged product as it moves through the chamber. The increase in temperature is minimal. The sterilization […]

Dose Rate Effects on Polymers and Microorganisms:

E-Beam vs. Gamma Processing Introduction Ionizing radiation is commonly used to sterilize disposable medical devices. This radiation has an effect on the materials used, specifically polymers. The total dose and dose rate are the main parameters that control the effect on the polymer properties. Dose In irradiation processing, the dose is defined as the amount […]