How does E-BEAM ensure my products will be sterilized and ready for consumer use QUICKLY?

Medical device sterilization

With an increasing demand for sterilized products on the market, one question we get often is: how does E-BEAM ensure my products will be sterilized and ready for consumer use quickly? Well, there are a number of factors that go into that.

E-beam is FAST.

And we mean really fast. For instance, a 25 kGy surface dose can be applied in a matter of minutes, versus the hours it would take with gamma sterilization. There is also no need to wait for off-gassing or a quarantine period as with ETO.

This means a fast turnaround to get your products sterilized and on the market. Actually, we have some customers who drop off their truckloads of products in the morning and we have everything sterilized and ready to be shipped to their customers by lunch.

E-beam technology is reliable.

E-BEAM provides quick-turn terminal sterilization with simple, clean, on/off technology. The dose is incredibly precise, and the electrons are never in any danger of running out.

E-BEAM facilities have built-in backup capacity.

Both our New Jersey and Ohio facilities have 2 accelerators in-house (well, there’s only 2 each…for now…????). Part of our routine practice for validating sterilization product is to perform the validation on both accelerators at the chosen facility. That means there is built-in backup capacity to make sure your product gets sterilized and out to your customers on time.

E-BEAM has multiple facilities.

Did I mention that E-BEAM has multiple facilities? Beyond validating the product on both accelerators in a chosen facility, some customers choose to validate their product at both facilities. That means 4 accelerators standing at the ready to keep your product moving and your customers happy.


Want to learn more about how e-beam could help get your product sterilized and out to customers faster? Schedule a call with our Tech Services team and they’ll answer all your questions.