E-BEAM Services adds a second accelerator in Cranbury, New Jersey

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Cranbury, New Jersey – January 2018

E-BEAM Services, Inc. has announced a major addition to its electron beam sterilization capacity with a second high-powered electron beam accelerator in Cranbury, New Jersey. This accelerator is specially designed to serve the rapidly growing demand for electron beam sterilization in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries.

This addition is timely, according to E-BEAM’s Director of Business Development, Bill Crilley, “because the number of medical devices and pharmaceuticals being validated for ISO/FDA compliant sterilization is at an all-time high for E-BEAM Services.”

According to Crilley, this high level of demand is being driven by 1) industry recognition of the reliability and cost-effectiveness of electron beam sterilization, 2) the stellar track record for quality at E-BEAM Services and other electron beam sterilization suppliers, and 3) the availability of new electron beam contract sterilization capacity.

In the case of E-BEAM Services, new electron beam sterilization capacity has now been added at both its Lebanon (Cincinnati) Ohio location as well as its Cranbury, New Jersey location in recent years. Each site now has two state-of-the-art accelerators to serve—reliably and flexibly—the needs of the sterilization industry.

Here is an informative 3 minute video on the sterilization process at E-BEAM Services.

To learn more about E-BEAM Services, visit the website at: www.ebeamservices.com, or talk to Bill Crilley at 1-877-413-2326.