What kinds of products can be easily converted to Medium-voltage Electron Beam Sterilization?

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low to medium density productsOver the years Medium-Voltage electron beam (5 MeV) accelerators have been proven useful and effective for the sterilization of a great variety of products, including medical devices, single-use products, and labware at an industrial level worldwide.

Due to recent changes in the market involving other sterilization modalities such as ethylene oxide or gamma radiation, e-beam is an alternative for the sterilization of medical devices, especially high-volume ones, whether that creates room for products that can only be sterilized by EO or gamma, or towards the development of new products without having to face environmental issues or being affected by the global cobalt-60 shortage (source of radioactivity for gamma irradiators).

low to medium density productsThe question that comes along is what kind of products could easily be converted to a Medium-voltage Electron beam (5 MeV) sterilization modality? The answer is quite simple. Low- to medium-density products are in the sweet spot, which corresponds to over 70% of the sterile products produced worldwide. Syringes, filters, bottles, caps, microplates, swabs, tissue, sampling products, drugs, pharmaceuticals, gloves, catheters, tubing, vials, tubes, are some examples of products for easy conversion.

E-BEAM Services, Inc. has 30 years of e-beam sterilization experience with medical devices, and a wide variety of pharmaceutical products. We have identified a conversion success rate of about 70% of the products that come from another sterilization modality. Want to know more? Schedule a call with our experts. We are available to assist you in getting your product sterilized in the most effective way.