Press Release: E-BEAM Services Introduces EBXL, an Optimized, Dedicated Crosslinking Solution

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E-BEAM Services Introduces EBXL, an Optimized, Dedicated Crosslinking Solution
Tailored for Cable, Sheet, and Foam Manufacturers Launching Fall 2024

Lebanon, Ohio – [June 10, 2024] – E-BEAM Services Inc., the largest provider of contract electron beam
processing solutions in the U.S., proudly announces the launch of EBXL, a customized offering for the cable, sheet, tubing, and crosslinked foam sectors. This offering features the
sustainability and efficiency of a world-class 2 MeV electron beam accelerator, combined with a
custom-engineered handling system, and matches them with E-BEAM Services’ unparalleled
sector expertise. E-BEAM recently expanded its Lebanon facility to develop state-of-the-art
space to house this comprehensive and dedicated processing and expanded capacity.

Recognizing changing industry trends and emerging customer requirements, EBXL has been
specifically engineered to efficiently crosslink wire and cable jacketing, film, and sheet products
as well as, with unique ultra-low tension capabilities, thin-walled heat shrink, and catheter tubing.
Engineered for precision and reliability, this handling system sets this offering apart for optimal
performance across various applications.

Key Features of EBXL:

  • Sector-Focused Electron Beam Expertise
  • Enhanced and Specialized Processing Capabilities
  • Dedicated Crosslinking Capacity for the Marketplace
  • Precise, highly consistent dose delivery
  • Sustainable processing
  • Ultra-low tension handling capability
  • Processes a wide range of material sizes
  • E-BEAM’s industry-leading customer service and turnaround times

“We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new offering, EBXL, at our Lebanon, Ohio, facility. In addition to expanded capacity, this dedicated, optimized solution sets a new standard for crosslinking of wire, cable, tubing, and sheet, further demonstrating our continued commitment to delivering innovative and world-class electron beam processing services,” said Sam Strotman, Chief Operating Officer of E-BEAM Services Inc.

About E-BEAM Services:

E-BEAM Services, Inc. is the leading supplier of contract electron beam processing services for
product sterilization/bioreduction and polymer product enhancement, with more than 500kW of
installed accelerator capacity—enough to process a billion pounds of material annually. With a
steadfast commitment to innovation and quality, E-BEAM Services empowers industries to
enhance the performance, durability, and reliability of their products. E-BEAM is a privately
owned corporation with locations in Lebanon, OH, and Cranbury, NJ. For more information
about this expansion or general information about E-BEAM Services, call 1-877-413-2326 or
visit the company’s website: