Cold Sterilization is an E-BEAM Specialty

Sometimes customers have a special sterilization challenge–and e-beam sterilization provides the solution. For example, I recently worked with a customer whose product needs to stay refrigerated, but not frozen. The product degrades over time, and degrades even faster at higher temperatures. However, it is destroyed if it goes below freezing. E-BEAM cold sterilization with refrigeration was the answer.

cold sterilization

It isn’t unusual for E-BEAM Services to help our customers meet unique sterilization needs. Indeed, E-BEAM’s tagline, “Our Customers Make Great Products,” reflects our focus on working individually with each customer to make the product great!

In this case I was able to put the product, which was shipped on ice, directly into a refrigerator upon arrival at E-BEAM. When it came time to sterilize it, I limited the time it was out of the refrigerator to less than half an hour. E-beam sterilization is uniquely suited to maintain cold products–whether refrigerated or frozen–at a low temperature, because the entire e-beam sterilization process can be completed in a matter of minutes, and the product is placed back in the refrigerator or freezer.

That’s exactly what worked for this customer. I return-shipped the sterilized product on ice. Success!

If you have a unique sterilization need or are interested in learning more about cold sterilization, please give us a call to discuss how E-BEAM can help make YOUR product great!

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