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How high-dose testing can be used to simulate radiation exposure for the nuclear industry

Nuclear reactors and radioactive materials play an important part in our society, such as the use of radioisotopes for medical treatments and the production of carbon-free energy. But using radiation in a safe and beneficial manner requires a deep understanding of the materials involved and their potential reactions to radiation. Shielding materials for medical isotopes […]

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The Story of E-BEAM Services: Crosslinking

We are E-BEAM Services, we are committed to the power of electrons, and we are crosslinking. In the video below, you will learn about the history of crosslinking at E-BEAM and how we are the industry leaders in the changing the material properties of polymers in order to create a superior product.     Transcript […]

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How do I develop a new electron beamed crosslinkable cable jacketing compound?

Compound formulations are best developed by those with the experience with such chemistry, such as specialists like AlphaGary, Gendon, Inhol, Saco, and others. While E-BEAM Services does not develop compounds, we can definitely help with the testing and product qualification process.

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How do I know my part has been effectively crosslinked?

When most of our customers come to us, they have a specific property improvement in mind. Clients with a formed part may desire improved high temperature properties or improved tensile strength, while clients looking to improve the properties of polymers in pellet form may desire a specific melt index or melt strength.

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Will electron beam crosslinking improve the thermal resistance of my polyethylene molded part?

Polyethylene is the most commonly electron beam-crosslinked polymer. Regardless whether it is LDPE, LLDPE or HDPE, it will crosslink with sufficient dose. The effect of the crosslinking will be a dramatic increase in heat resistance, as well as an improved impact resistance at low temperatures and a number of other property enhancements.

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