How do I know my part has been effectively crosslinked?

When most of our customers come to us, they have a specific property improvement in mind. Clients with a formed part may desire improved high temperature properties or improved tensile strength, while clients looking to improve the properties of polymers in pellet form may desire a specific melt index or melt strength.

The testing to determine if the product has been successfully crosslinked tends to be very specific to the application for which the part is being used.

Tests range from simple and quick ones that can be performed at the contract e-beam service provider to much more complicated tests that are best conducted by either the manufacturer or outside testing labs

Melted PEX

Crosslinked PEX (not melted)
Uncrosslinked PEX (melted)

E-BEAM’s ISO-certified procedures assure the product has gone through the irradiation process. In addition, depending on the technique, E-BEAM can conduct the testing or we can suggest an outside lab. The attached table provides examples of different ways to test polyethylene for crosslinking. • Ohio (513) 933-0031 • New Jersey (609) 655-7460