Taking Center “Beam”: Irradiating Controlled Substances

irradiating controlled substances

On May 27, 2016, E-BEAM Services received our DEA license permitting us to sterilize schedule 3 non-narcotic controlled substances!  We worked to ensure E-BEAM was able to meet the requirements of the State of Ohio, the DEA and potential customers.  We built a restricted access controlled substance storage room that provides the required security measures and video monitoring.

Procedures were developed and implemented to ensure we could control the handling of the schedule 3 non-narcotic controlled substances from receiving product to processing and to final shipping.  Our entire organization was trained on the controlled substance procedure.  A select team was trained and performed a hands on demonstration of the specific controlled substance processes using mock materials and paperwork.

Our first customer has begun sterilization and we look forward to working with many other customers who have shown interest.  We can irradiate your schedule 3 non-narcotic controlled substances as soon as you are ready !


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