At home with electrons


At this point, if you’ve read through a number of our blog entries you might be thinking, “Okay, this electron beam thing is REALLY cool, but I’m not a medical device manufacturer or a resin supplier, so it doesn’t really affect me.” In actuality, you might be surprised to learn that products modified by electron beam processing are all around you, even throughout your home.

Let’s start in your garage. Did you know that many of the components in your car have probably been e-beam crosslinked? From the tires, foam headliner, and seat cushions to the molded side panels, parts of the dashboard, and some under-hood components, e-beam has helped increase the heat resistance and strength to provide a safer and more efficient vehicle.

In your kitchen, e-beam has helped increase the thermal resistance of the icemaker tubing in your freezer. And your steaks and burgers you’re getting ready to throw on the grill? E-beam can help kill harmful bacteria and microbes before they even hit grocery store shelves.

I bet you didn’t know that you most likely have electrons to thank for your hot shower every morning! PEX (crosslinked polyethylene) pipe has been widely used as a replacement for copper pipes in most residential and commercial settings.

And while we’re looking at the bathroom, I’ll also mention that many pharmaceuticals, syringes, herbal supplements, medical devices, bandages, ophthalmic eye drops, and even insulin pumps have undergone bioreduction or been sterilized using e-beam.

The possibilities are endless! Electrical wires, catheters, diapers, sponges, soap, bee hives, colored gemstones, food packaging film, snake food, newspaper ads, breastmilk pump bottles, tennis shoes, composite decking, grandma’s hip replacement, and little Johnny’s cast from when he fell out of the tree this spring are just a few other examples of products that could have been enhanced by electron beam processing.

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