Sterilization for COVID-19 Crisis


E-BEAM Services is dedicated to providing uninterrupted priority sterilization services for products used for COVID-19 response, including test tubes and swabs used in kits to test for coronavirus.

Please see below for a list of answers to commonly asked questions. If you have a question not listed, please reach out to us directly at

Customer Letter


Where should inquiries about sterilizing COVID-19 response products be directed?
Inquiries can be sent to our Technical Services team directly at or call us at 513-933-0031.


What products can you sterilize?
We provide sterilization services for swabs, test tubes, cryules, face shields, and ventilator components. Unfortunately, N95 masks are not suitable for sterilization using radiation services like e-beam or gamma. 


How quickly can my products be sterilized?
The team at E-BEAM Services is committed to the health and safety of our community, including patients and healthcare workers. That means getting products that can help validated for sterilization as soon as possible. We have reserved validation and processing time specifically for COVID-19 response products, and will make a fast turnaround time a priority.


Where should general questions about the reprocessing of medical devices be directed?
Questions regarding the reprocessing of medical devices should be directed to the FDA at the following e-mail address:


Where should questions about medical device shortages be reported?
Questions regarding actual or impending medical device shortages should be directed to the FDA.  You can report a shortage to