Live Foam Expo Trade Show? E-BEAM Crosslinking Experts Will Travel!

E-BEAM Services Foam Expo

E-BEAM Services is attending our first live trade show since early 2020! As trade shows, conferences, and in-person meetings are all returning we are so excited to connect with our peers and customers again at the Foam Expo North America. While we have worked creatively and learned all the virtual things – we appreciate the in-person gatherings.

The Foam Expo started five years ago to provide the foam industry with solutions for end-user markets. This is our sweet spot – providing world-class contract electron beam processing so our customers can make great products!


Did you know that electron beam processing is used to create crosslinked polyolefin foam? The extruded, unfoamed matrix is beamed at E-BEAM Services in an efficient reel-to-reel process to be foamed offsite.


Crosslinked foam has many advantages, such as:

● Improved chemical resistance & mechanical properties.

● Increased thermal stability.

● Ease of forming or molding.


These properties make it great for interior automotive applications. We look forward to seeing our friends at the Foam Expo 2021 in Novi, Michigan.