Center for Electron Beam Excellence at E-BEAM Services Fuels Customer Innovation in Product Development

Harnessing the Power of Electrons to Differentiate Products in the Market

E-BEAM Center for Electron Beam Excellence

Lebanon, OH – E-BEAM Services Inc., the largest contract electron beam service provider in the United States, is fostering innovation with its Center for Electron Beam Excellence designed to use the power of electrons to enable clients to discover new or improved products. Building on existing research and development capabilities, customers will benefit from faster access to new ideas in a workshop environment designed by specialists for specialists.

“This Center continues a corporate commitment to partner with our clients with unique experiments utilizing high-capacity, state of the art accelerators which are currently used to create specialty products that our world needs and wants,” said Paul Minbiole, CEO.

E-BEAM Services has over 30 years of experience with companies that are looking for solutions to differentiate their products by using the power of electrons for value-added outcomes. The Center can run experiments utilizing electron beam technology to achieve these outcomes and demonstrate the enhanced molecular change that allows companies to develop new product offerings.

“E-BEAM Services has a long history of electron beam innovation and technology leadership in providing tailored experiments to meet customer needs,” said Bill Crilley, VP Technology & Business Development. “A new product can typically take years before it can be available and brought to the marketplace. The unique challenges and evolving needs of our customers in North America require a partnership approach, so we have positioned the Center to accelerate technology development for customer solutions.”

The Center provides experienced innovation team members to test the parameters of electron beam processing and polymers. The E-BEAM Services Center for Electron Beam Excellence provides companies with a location where they can develop experimental protocols to improve their product performance and or develop new products with a trusted partner.

For more information on what materials respond best to electrons and to investigate an experiment, please contact us: