The Process at E-BEAM Services

Olivia Radcliffe and Nate Hill

Sterilization is a critical process in various industries, ensuring the safety and quality of products. In the latest Q&A with Tech Services, Technical Services Coordinator Nate Hill delves into the process of sterilization at E-BEAM Services, highlighting its unique features, and discussing the implications for different industries. The Process of Sterilization at E-BEAM Services Receiving […]

Conversion from Other Sterilization Methods to E-Beam Processing

Q&A with Tech Services, Gustavo Varca and Olivia Radcliffe

Key Takeaways: Sterilization is a critical process in the medical device industry to ensure the safety and efficacy of products. While there are various sterilization methods available, such as ethylene oxide (ETO) and gamma radiation, e-beam processing has gained popularity in recent years. In the latest Q&A with Tech Services, Dr. Gustavo Varca explores the […]

The Basics of Decontamination with Electron Beam

In the latest Q&A with Tech Services, we delved into the topic of decontamination, also known as bioreduction. Dr. Gustavo Varca shed some light on the process, its validation, and its various applications.  Understanding Decontamination Decontamination, or bioreduction, is the process of reducing the microbial load of materials without necessarily achieving sterility levels. While sterilization […]

E-beam Sterilization of Controlled Substances

In the world of pharmaceuticals, ensuring the safe handling and transportation of controlled substances is crucial. But what happens when traditional sterilization methods fall short? Enter e-beam sterilization. E-beam provides a cutting-edge technology that promises to revolutionize the way we approach sterilizing controlled substances. By harnessing the power of electrons, this process not only eliminates […]

The RAM Program: Sterilizing Radioactive Materials for Medical Applications

Sterilization of radioactive materials

In the latest Q&A with Tech Services, Dr. Gustavo Varca discusses the Radioactive Materials (RAM) program, which focuses on the sterilization of radioactive materials used in medical applications. Gustavo delves into the intricacies of the RAM program and explores its significance in the field of healthcare.  Sterilizing Radioactive Materials: A Necessity The first question that […]

Machine Operator

Seeking candidates to start as a Material Handler and enter our operator training program. This is a 3rd shift, full-time position. Specialized training will be provided, some training is on 1st shift. Must be self-motivated and be able to work in a fast-paced job-shop environment. Overtime is required periodically to meet customer’s needs. Requirements include:

Shipping and Receiving Clerk

Are you organized and detail-oriented? We have an opening on our Shipping and Receiving team. This is a physical and active position that requires keen attention to detail:

Quality Lab Technician

Our Quality Clerks work in our Materials Lab and on our plant floor to record results and produce reports related to product verification and certification for sterilization and other materials modification. This job requires close attention to detail and a focus on process and procedure. Our clerks record data, generate reports and handle paperwork. They […]

PRESS RELEASE: E-BEAM Services, Inc. Announces Completion of a Major Facility Expansion in Lebanon, Ohio

E-BEAM Services Expansion

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEPress Inquiries:Dr. Gustavo Varca609-655-7460 ext. E-BEAM Services, Inc. Announces Completion of a Major Facility Expansion inLebanon, OhioLebanon, Ohio, October 31, 2023. E-BEAM Services Inc., a global leader in contract electron beam processing solutions, isexcited to announce a significant expansion of its facility located in Lebanon, Ohio. Theexpansion adds an impressive 52,000 square […]

Quality Systems Manager

Do you enjoy building and monitoring the systems that run a company? Are you ready to level-up from individual contributor to the Lead role? E-BEAM Services is the place for you! We are a small company but a big business: so your impact will be significant. And you will haveresponsibility across our New Jersey, Ohio […]