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Advantages of e-beam over ETO (also referred to as EO, ethylene oxide, ethylene oxide gas):

E-beam provides quick-turn terminal sterilization with simple, clean, on/off technology. There is no carcinogenic gas needed and there are no residuals, so product is able to be immediately released for distribution.
E-BEAM Services is capable of handling any shipment size, from single boxes to multiple truckloads, and no expensive breathable packaging is required.
E-BEAM Services can provide step-by-step guidance for starting with e-beam, or the conversion from gamma to electron beam.
E-BEAM Services prides itself on delivering solutions that provide safe, standardized, and effective processing while maintaining product integrity. With our experienced team of electron beam experts, we can guide you through the regulatory requirements needed to market your sterile medical devices. Validation is consistent with ANSI/AAMI/ISO guidelines, FDA Standards, and GMP Compliance.

Who Is E-Beam Sterilization For? E-beam sterilization is a safe, effective, and efficient processing technology used to sterilize a wide variety of disposable medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Processing at E-BEAM is the most cost-effective method for low to medium density products, but not a good fit for extremely dense materials.
Close-up of Medical Ampoule Production Line at Modern Modern Pharmaceutical Factory. Glass Ampoules are being Filled.

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