Product Development


product development servicesOur Customers Make Great Products

At E-BEAM Services, we don’t have any products ourselves–we enable YOU to make new or improved products. E-BEAM has a long track record as a partner, trusted advisor, and service provider for the manufacturers of a wide variety of industrial products, consumer goods, and medical devices across the nation.

Our relationship can start with a non-disclosure agreement before we have our first substantial technical discussion. We can provide you with a standard non-disclosure agreement, or work with your agreement. We can make it happen fast – E-BEAM doesn’t need a lot of legal input because we work within confidential relationships all the time.

Here’s how we can help you get started:

  1. Your E-BEAM representative will walk through a brief overview of your goals.
  2. We can help you design the experiment, and tell you what it will cost before we get started.
  3. Based on our know-how and years of experience, E-BEAM can help you interpret experimental outcomes and help you overcome challenges along the way.
  4. We will also work with you to determine a configuration that will minimize future production costs for the product.
  5. Once you have developed your proprietary product, E-BEAM has the high-volume electron beam accelerators for high-volume production. So it’s in E-BEAM’s interest that your application development is successful.

Existing Applications

                                  …what will you create?


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