E-Beam Sterilization


Your business demands medical products that are delivered to market safely and efficiently. E-BEAM Services provides a standardized sterilization process designed to exceed regulatory standards, minimize costs and maximize results. Since 1985, we have committed to developing fast, compliant, reliable e-beam sterilization solutions. And with more than 500kW of installed accelerator capacity at our three processing facilities, we have the capability to meet your supply chain demands.

Medical device sterilization

Providing national compliance solutions for a large variety of products. Our fast turnaround and variable dosage makes E-BEAM more flexible than most medical sterilization companies.



Pharmaceutical and Controlled Substance sterilization

Fast, safe, and thorough. Electron beam for sterilization of drug and device products is the most reliable sterilizing method available.



Refrigerated/cold sterilization

Minimal temperature increase while ensuring complete sterilization makes using electron beam the standard for temperature sensitive applications.




This sterilization alternative requires less regulatory compliance, and is a good option for manufacturers who are not claiming terminal sterility, but who want the extra assurance of a cleaner product.




We are experts with regulatory compliance and will help you understand how we can ensure your product meets ISO/AAMI 11137 requirements.