Existing E-Beam Applications


 What products are made using electron beam processing?



  • PEX pipe (now used in new home plumbing 4-5 times as often as copper)
  • heat shrink tubing
  • heat shrink films
  • gaskets, electrical connectors and other molded parts (for high-temperature or other demanding service)
  • wire and cable insulation (high-performance)
  • closed cell foam
  • bulk resin pellets (for rheology control; for tailored MI, molecular weight, or long chain branching)
  • hydrogels
  • Teflon® micro powders (chain-scissioned by electrons)
  • PTC heaters and switches (positive temperature coefficient)
  • semiconductors
  • irradiation of food products
  • gemstones (coloration by electrons)
  • advanced composites (curing)
  • automobile tires (partial electron beam curing)
  • disposable medical devices (sterilization)


It all starts with product development — enabled by your friends (your reliable business partner) E-BEAM Services. We enable the electron beam processing step in your experimental program. Once you have developed your proprietary product, E-BEAM has the high-volume electron beam accelerators for high-volume production. So it’s in E-BEAM’s interest that your e-beam application development is successful.

Do you have an idea (a problem or an opportunity)? Try an experiment using electron beam.