Welcome to the family!

E-BEAM Services is proud to announce the newest member to their accelerator capacity family, a sweet little 1.5 MeV Dynamitron electron beam accelerator!

Coming in at more than 10,000 pounds and measuring more than 20 feet, this newest addition will be upgraded and installed in a future location, becoming the 5th accelerator owned and operated by E-BEAM Services (which is already the largest contract service provider for electron beam processing in North America).

The E-BEAM family is doing well, and is very happy with the potential for additional capacity to help meet the projected business growth and increased demand for e-beam processing.

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About E-Beam Services

E-BEAM Services, Inc. is a leading supplier of contract electron beam processing services, with more than 450kW of installed accelerator capacity — enough to process nearly one billion pounds of material annually. Electron beam processing effectively and efficiently creates useful changes in material properties and performance, such as polymer crosslinking and chain scissioning. E-beam processing is also widely used for the sterilization of medical devices and pharmaceuticals as well as bioreduction.