Refrigerated/Frozen Sterilization

Cold sterilization enables low temperature molecular stabilization protection — for products that contain heat-sensitive ingredients and yet require sterilization or bio-reduction treatments.


  • Pharmaceutical Products
  • Medical Devices
  • Tissue Samples
  • Biologics

The processing is fast!

  • The electron beam sterilizes the packaged product as it moves through the chamber.
  • The increase in temperature is minimal.
  • The sterilization is completed in just minutes. This is only possible with the electron beam sterilization
  • This means the product spends the least amount of time

On-site refrigeration and storage!

  • Refrigeration can be provided at a range of 1° to 5°C, and frozen storage is offered at a range of -24° to -18°C.
  • Same day turnaround using the customer’s refrigerated vehicles is available.

 Cold Sterilization Process


Experimental processing can be arranged to evaluate how our cold sterilization process can work for your products.

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