E-Beam crosslinked sheet products create a higher performing, more appealing product


Sheet processing with state-of-the-art edge control is shown here using a controlled electron beam at variable speed. Excellent beam consistency allows up to eight or more processing passes with high accuracy.

An electron beam crosslinking process developed by E-BEAM Services, Inc. improves product strength, thermal characteristics, impact resistance, comfort, abrasion resistance, and electrical resistance properties while maintaining excellent color, gauge consistency, and uniform aesthetic appeal.

During the e-beam process, sheet and film products pass through a controlled, penetrating curtain of high energy electrons. Unlike chemical crosslinking, there are no liquids, no measurements, and no product surface variations caused by uneven chemical dispersion.

The controlled electron beam thoroughly penetrates and crosslinks sheet products, resulting in a permanent, beneficial change at the molecular level.
E-BEAM Services utilizes a state-of-the-art reel- to-reel or cart control system for electron beam processing of heat shrink, expanded, or other crosslinkable materials up to 48” wide. Sheet products (up to 4” thick) are processed flat on carts, and film products up to 0.3” thick (non- expanded) are handled on reel-to-reel carriers.

After treatment, the textured product surfaces are fully usable without requiring any secondary treatments. Ebeam treated sheet and roll products are used for automotive interiors, structural panel fabricating, formed medical products, packaging, and other products in which performance and appearance are critical.

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