Polymer Crosslinking

Wire, Cable, & Tubing

wire and cable crosslinking

The steps to e-beam crosslinking of wire, cable, and tubing 1. Product is staged by diameter in the processing area. 2. Product passes through a curtain of electrons. 3. A post-irradiated sample is taken for testing and product is released and quickly returned to the customer.

E-beam irradiation provides quality crosslinking and polymer modification for wire, cable, and tubing products. E-beam crosslinking often does not require any additives, nor does it generate hazardous chemical by-products. E-beam crosslinking does not require the hours of cure time needed for other chemical crosslinking methods. E-beam is energy efficient, and the minimal amount of exposure time helps ensure high throughputs.

We havemore than 500kW of installed accelerator capacity with a network of facilities, and flexible handling equipment such as high-speed reel-to-reel equipment to handle all applications.



Everyday Applications


Heavy Wall Cable

Higher tensile strength and improved thermal resistance gives you an improved product above your competitor’s. E-BEAM has the capability to crosslink any length, diameter, and gauge cable.

PEX Pipe Tubing

Polyethylene crosslinked (PEX) tubing boosts thermal resistance up to 180 F over the standard 140 F of uncrosslinked polyethylene. With both freezing and extreme heat resistance, plumbing with PEX pipe has become extremely common.

Heat Shrink Tubing

With the ability to improve resistances against abrasions, cracking, and fatigue, crosslinked tubing protects wiring like no other heat shrink product on the market.

Why it Matters to You:

   No harmful chemicals    Environmentally friendly
   Increased tensile and impact strength    Increased creep resistance
   Increased durability    Improved abrasion resistance
   Improved environmental stress crack resistance    Improved barrier properties
   Increased material strength    Increased material stability
   Resistance to chemical solvents    Shrink memory