Polymer Crosslinking


With more than 500kW of installed accelerator capacity, the ability to process more than one billion pounds of material annually, a network of facilities, and flexible handling equipment we’re ready to not just meet, but to exceed all of your polymer modification needs!

Plastic parts crosslinking

Electron beam technology allows for effective and efficient processing, creating useful changes in material properties through crosslinking




Wire, cable, & tubing

E-beam irradiation provides quality crosslinking and polymer modification for wire, cable, and tubing products. E-beam crosslinking often does not require any additives, nor does it generate hazardous chemical by-products.



Crosslinked, foam, film & sheet

We use high-speed reel-to-reel equipment with the capability to handle all applications, ranging from films as thin as 5 mils (0.005”) to sheet as thick as 0.25 inches.




Polymer pellet long chain branching

Polymer long chain branching is used to modify the processability and melt properties of polymer pellets. The e-beam irradiation creates side chains and often increases molecular weight.



Chain scission

Electron beam processing can modify properties by creating controlled degradation – or chain scission – in certain materials.