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E-BEAM does Boston (BIOMEDevice Boston, that is)

This April will find the E-BEAM team enjoying all Boston has to offer: walking the Freedom Trail, checking out Fenway Park, and of course too many (is there such a thing?) cannoli at Mike’s Pastry. And one more thing: the BIOMEDevice Boston show, on April 18th-19th.

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Crash Course Recap: The 4 Steps to Sterilization Validation

E-BEAM’s latest Crash Course walks the viewer through a quick overview of the four main steps to sterilization validation. To be able to officially declare your medical device as sterile after processing, you must first perform a sterilization validation. Radiation sterilization methods, like e-beam, are monitored by the ISO 11137 standard. But don’t worry, both […]

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E-BEAM Services adds a second accelerator in Cranbury, New Jersey

Cranbury, New Jersey – January 2018 E-BEAM Services, Inc. has announced a major addition to its electron beam sterilization capacity with a second high-powered electron beam accelerator in Cranbury, New Jersey. This accelerator is specially designed to serve the rapidly growing demand for electron beam sterilization in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. This addition […]

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Crash Course Recap: The Top 5 Things You Need To Know About E-beam Sterilization

  Recently, E-BEAM Services posted their latest Crash Course: The Top 5 Things You Need To Know About E-beam Sterilization. This latest foray into the world of electron beam processing gave us a beginner level look at–you guessed it!–the top five important things to know about e-beam sterilization. Here’s a brief run-down:

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What is a dose map and how much does it cost?

A dose map, or dose distribution study, helps us determine if all of the product within your case is receiving the necessary sterilization dose. In this study, we take a measurement of the internal doses throughout a case of product. The case of product is opened by E-BEAM Services, and our trained lab technicians place dosimeters at […]

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Dear Karen: How many samples do I need for an e-beam material test?

  Dear Karen, I am a new startup company, and am trying to get my product validated for e-beam sterilization. How many samples do I need to send you for the material test? And, while we’re talking about material tests….what are they? Sincerely, Material Girl

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Hydrogel Crosslinking

Although we may not recognize them for what they are, hydrogels are very useful and are becoming more and more common each day. We can find hydrogels in a wide variety of today’s products, from medical devices to contact lenses to your lunchtime Jell-O snackpack. So, what exactly is a hydrogel?

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Dear Karen: E-beam vs Gamma Sterilization Dose

Dear Karen, I have qualified my product for sterilization at a gamma facility, but am interested in transitioning to electron beam. I already know what dose my product needs for gamma sterilization. Is this dose going to be the same for e-beam sterilization? Sincerely, Max Dose (Name changed for privacy. And because I’m a sucker […]

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Welcome to the family!

E-BEAM Services is proud to announce the newest member to their accelerator capacity family, a sweet little 1.5 MeV Dynamitron electron beam accelerator! Coming in at more than 10,000 pounds and measuring more than 20 feet, this newest addition will be upgraded and installed in a future location, becoming the 5th accelerator owned and operated […]

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Innovation is a team sport

The CEO of a plastics company visited E-BEAM Services to talk about ramping up production of the new crosslinked product they have created using electron beam. E-BEAM’s COO said that we enjoy working with nimble, innovative and entrepreneurial companies. The CEO responded, “If that is what you want to do, Dan Yasenchak has demonstrated every […]

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