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Long Chain Branching, Part 3 – Demonstrating Improved Drawability

In Part 2, we irradiated three samples of LLDPE with the electron beam to impart long chain branching and we achieved the improvement in melt tension we were looking for. In Part 3, we irradiated one of the samples with a higher dose to produce LCB (long chain branched) LLDPE with a melt tension measurement […]

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Long Chain Branching, Part 2 – Experimental results

Hypothesis:  long chain branching of LLDPEs can improve melt strength in terms of drawability.  We irradiated 3 LLDPE feedstocks with an electron beam and compared the properties of the 3 processed resins to a LDPE Control.  The starting samples were: Radiation Processing We dosed the samples with a 150kW, 4.5 MeV electron beam accelerator.  The […]

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Welcome to the family!

E-BEAM Services is proud to announce the newest member to their accelerator capacity family, a sweet little 1.5 MeV Dynamitron electron beam accelerator! Coming in at more than 10,000 pounds and measuring more than 20 feet, this newest addition will be upgraded and installed in a future location, becoming the 5th accelerator owned and operated […]

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Innovation is a team sport

The CEO of a plastics company visited E-BEAM Services to talk about ramping up production of the new crosslinked product they have created using electron beam. E-BEAM’s COO said that we enjoy working with nimble, innovative and entrepreneurial companies. The CEO responded, “If that is what you want to do, Dan Yasenchak has demonstrated every […]

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E-BEAM attends the International Meeting on Radiation Processing (IMRP) 2016

  This past week, E-BEAM’s President, COO, and Technology and Development Manager packed up their bags and headed to Vancouver for the 2016 International Meeting on Radiation Processing (IMRP). IMRP meetings are organized by the International Irradiation Association (iia), whose members consist of some of the brightest minds in the field of irradiation science from […]

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Long Chain Branching – Background. Part I

This is the first of a three part series highlighting the advantages of long chain branching and crosslinking – – valuable modifications made by electron beam treatment. History Linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) has been used in extrusion coating and blown film since the 1950s, where its excellent melt strength created new possibilities. Polypropylene (PP) […]

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Capacity vs Agility

Last summer, my neighbor loaded up his RV for a two-week long family vacation. They were going out West to see the great national parks. I couldn’t help but think, though, that I would rather have my other neighbor’s speedy roadster when driving through the twisting mountain passes. It seems you give up agility and […]

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At home with electrons

At this point, if you’ve read through a number of our blog entries you might be thinking, “Okay, this electron beam thing is REALLY cool, but I’m not a medical device manufacturer or a resin supplier, so it doesn’t really affect me.” In actuality, you might be surprised to learn that products modified by electron […]

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Capacity in two flavors

I have been asked a number of times how much available capacity we have. Here’s my usual answer: I have yet to see a customer’s capacity need that we couldn’t handle! Part of that ability is due to E-BEAM’s commitment to stay ahead of the demand curve by adding capacity (by upgrading our current facilities, […]

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How Does The Electron Beam Crosslinking Process Work?

What if you had a tool you could use to improve your existing plastic or polymer product? Or a tool that enables you to create a new specialty product? What if that tool could improve the temperature rating of your product or improve its chemical resistance or give it the low-temperature impact resistance your need? […]

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