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the RIGHT collaboration and responsiveness

How about some free consulting?! Shoot us an email or give us a call: one of our experienced Technical Services representatives will listen to your idea and talk with you about whether electron beam might be useful. Together, you could discuss an experiment.

In a hurry? Fast turnaround of your experiment is possible. E-BEAM knows that speed-to-market is important!

the RIGHT know-how and experience

How about some MORE free consulting?! As your development project proceeds, your E-BEAM Technical Services representative can often provide you with useful data on your material and/or application (from public information we have at hand in our library).

How about help maximizing the ‘value-added’ in your new product?! E-BEAM can help you optimize the materials you use and the dose of electron beam irradiation required for your property improvement. Remember – we’re on your side! E-BEAM has state-of-the-art accelerators and product handling systems, and the knowhow to process the product efficiently. We look to get the best throughput for your product.

the RIGHT confidential relationship

It’s YOUR product! You were in charge of the product’s development, and it’s yours exclusively. E-BEAM doesn’t need to know the details of your materials, your product, your marketplace opportunity, or your customers. E-BEAM has customer relationships going back decades. Our success comes from the success of your product – its reliable supply, its quality, and its on-time delivery.

It’s YOUR secret! E-BEAM certainly would not share what we do for you with anyone else. For more than 25 years, E-BEAM has earned a reputation for keeping its customers’ information confidential. For many of our customers, the electron beam step is their “secret sauce”, and their competitors don’t know how that special product is created.

RIGHT from the start!