Crosslinked Foam, Film, & Sheet


E-beam irradiation provides quality crosslinking for continuous sheet applications. The E-beam crosslinking process does not require any additives nor does it generate hazardous chemical by-products. This crosslinking method is energy efficient and the minimal amount of exposure time to the e-beam helps ensure high throughputs. This includes Crosslinked Foam.

Common Cross Linked Polyethylene Products

  • automotive interiors
  • heat shrink plastics
  • adhesive release liners
  • plastic sheet goods

The Story of E-BEAM Services: Crosslinking

We use high-speed reel-to-reel equipment with the capability to handle reels or cardboard or metals cores to handle all applications, ranging from films as thin as 5 mils (0.005”) to sheet as thick as (0.250”).

Benefits to you

  • Quick processing
  • High throughputs
  • Customized solutions
  • Multiple Material Handling systems
  • No additives or by products
  • Efficient process
  • Cost effective